The Becker Project

What is it?

Professor David Becker has long been committed to finding employment for all students. The Becker Project is a network of alumni and friends of Washington University School of Law who are a resource to you. Through The Becker Project students are provided with as many networking opportunities as possible. Meeting with attorneys offers the best source of practical advice and opens avenues to employment. The Becker Project is one of a number of innovative Career Services Office programs aimed at partnering with students for their career success.


Introductions to date: 5,000
Number of cities represented: 50+
Number of alumni currently in our database: 4,000+

How does it work?

Request introductions through The Becker Project by meeting with a JD advisor. Be sure to identify a city and, if applicable, practice areas or types of practice. Remember, we guarantee 3 introductions in the city of your choice but practice areas or employer types are not guaranteed. All contacts are helpful even if they are not in your preferred practice area or type of employer.

Associate Dean of Career Services [view video]


Good luck and enjoy meeting each of the attorneys. They each have a network, valuable advice, and insight for you.

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