In March I had the opportunity to meet with Ben Ferencz, former Nuremberg Prosecutor, and Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.  We discussed many issues including the difficulties involved in implementing the Kampala amendments on aggression, and the definition of crimes against humanity.  What was so fascinating was to see the direct linkage between Ben’s “court” and experience prosecuting atrocity crimes, and the experience of Luis at the ICC.  What is common is the dedication of both men to combating impunity; and the passion both have for protecting the victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.  What is different, of course, is the circumstances; the ICC as a permanent court is a very different institution, both weaker (in terms of enforcement) and stronger (due to its widespread international support, permanent staff and ability to develop precedents and methodologies for addressing various situations over time).  It was an honor to spend time with both of these extraordinary men.