Gentlemen Prefer…

One of my favorite memories from law school was at the start of my second year.

Background: I am older than most of my classmates and “follicularly challenged.” As a full-time student with no professional obligations, I figured this was a great opportunity to do something irrational and funny with no repercussions – I dyed my remaining hair platinum blond right before the school year began.

I had taken Professor Becker’s Property class as a 1L and hadn’t seen him since the school year began. A few days into the school year, Professor Becker walked by a table at which I was sitting in the commons. After passing me, he stopped in his tracks, turned around, and said “Mr. Slavinsky, I think I preferred you as a brunette.”  I’m sure I caught the hint of a smile as he turned and walked away.

I work in New York City now and see more outrageous students on a regular basis – they always make me think of this story and I always laugh. Ironically, it’s become a kind of rule for perpetuities.

Congratulations on 50 great years!

Chris Slavinsky, School of Law, Class of 2003, Survivor of Prof. Becker 1L Property