A unifying and constant presence in our lives

Last week I rode my bike through the WU campus. Much changed since I attended. I passed January Hall, then what use to be Mudd Hall and the finally Anheuser Busch Hall. Reflecting upon how the campus and University have changed, I couldn’t help but feel that the one constant throughout these many years was everyone’s favorite professor David Becker. David along with Sandy, have helped give the law school a distinct personality and his memories of his students and their families as well as their interests makes him a unique and irreplaceable treasure.

I was fortunate to have Professor Becker for several classes in law school and equally fortunate to reconnect socially with David and Sandy several years after graduation. David was able to recall occurrences during my years in class that made me realize that he remembers in such great detail because he cares and was genuinely interested. David showed particular interest in my growing up in Mississippi and made me aware, maybe for the first time, of how special and unique my experiences were. Of course David made a lot of connections between my early life and the lives of other law students that he taught and knew.

Later in my career I had a trust issue involving Missouri’s Rule against Perpetuities. I quickly discovered that David knew more about the Rule than anyone on the planet (surprise!). After reading David’s several articles on the topic, I called David to discuss my situation. David was generous with his time and gave me good practical advice about solving my problem.

When my son, Micah, enrolled in law school, I was comforted in knowing that David was an “honorary parent” who looked after Micah. David did not disappoint Micah or me.

Thus I feel myself fortunate to have David in my life, as a teacher and friend and I am happy to share in his special celebration.

Al Rose (1970)