One Bright Moment

My Professor Becker memory comes from his first year Real Property class. He called on me with a question regarding the difference between determinable and conditional fees and I answered, uncertainly, with everything I could recall on the subject from studying the night before. Professor Becker paused for a moment, then said slowly but emphatically, “That’s exactly right.” I was startled for a moment as this was not something one heard often (or ever!) from law professors. It still stands out for me as one brief, bright moment in an otherwise shaky freshman year.
Of course, the remainder of the recitation went downhill from there. And, as I recall, when Professor Becker introduced new subjects, the first student to recite on the subject became the one he would call on later when knowledge or clarification on that subject was needed. Hence, I continued to field, not very cleanly, various questions regarding conditional fees for the rest of the semester. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the class and Professor Becker’s style.
Congratulations, David, on your amazing 50-year teaching accomplishment and enjoy the celebration. And, thanks for the memory.
Stephen E. Martin JD ’73