From Property Law to Tax Law

I am a 1968 graduate of the WU School of Law and was privileged as a first year student to have Professor Becker as a teacher of property law.  To this day the words “fee tail male,” ”fee tail female” and “rule against perpetuities” send cold chills up my spine.  It may be that those days in Professor Becker’s property class had a strong influence in my deciding to become a tax attorney, a field in which I am still practicing, although I would venture to observe that tax law does not provide much more certainty as to conclusions than does property law.  Dr. Becker was one of several exceptional teachers in our freshman year.  His quiet demeanor and insightful analysis did exactly what a law professor is supposed to do—he taught me to think analytically—a trait that has carried me well in my career.  Please add my name to what I am sure is a long list of  former students saying “thank you” and best wishes to Dr. Becker.
-Lawrence Weltman JD68