The Consummate Human Being

Professor Becker (OK, maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the nerve to accept his many invitations to call him “David” one of these days) is one of those very rare persons I’ve known who exude some kind of “higher power” that strikes you the minute you meet him.  For those of us fortunate enough to have gotten to know him beyond earning the “I Survived Becker’s Property Class” t-shirt, we have learned how one person can impact so many solely by being a genuine and caring human being and appreciating life for what it is and has to offer and not diminishing it for what it otherwise might have been.  I regret not making the effort to stay in closer touch with him but am grateful for the opportunity to help celebrate a man who likely would prefer a cold beer and a Cubs World Series win over the celebration he so rightly deserves.  Congratulations, David!

Nick Varsam, Class of 1990

Lunches Owed

David Becker was the best professor I had during Law School as well as a friend and mentor. I owe him a lot of lunches from when I worked with him as a summer research assistant.

Thomas J. Palazzolo, JD 1992

Fabulous though Difficult

Professor Becker’s was one of my hardest classes ever through my academic career. But I learned tons, and he was a fabulous teacher. It might have been my lowest grade in Law School though . . . Yes, I think it was.

Virginia H. Howell, JD 1992

Great teacher, great guy

“Property was the single greatest class I took in my entire life.  Great teacher, great guy.“

Jack Epstein, LW90