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Each of us has a person who invested in them; who encouraged us, challenged us, showed us our potential.

For many alumni of Washington University School of Law, that person was and still is David Becker. David’s joy in teaching was experienced each day in the classroom and continues today in phone conversations, lunch dates, and visits with his former students. He cherishes our personal success and career accomplishments.

As we thought about David’s 50 years of teaching, we asked how we could honor him to which he replied, “It is not necessary, I am rewarded every time I walk into the classroom. However, if alumni could help our current students—provide a scholarship, give to our general scholarship fund, but more importantly, if they could get to know our students and share with them their life experiences… well, that would be a great honor to me.” In typical David style, he sets for us a lofty goal... give someone else the opportunity to go to law school and invest in them on a personal level.

On a professor’s salary David has given an annual scholarship for many years. More recently, he made plans to endow his annual scholarship through a bequest commitment. In addition, David gave his most valuable resource—his time, as well as his interest, his support, and his friendship. Let’s follow his example ... If you are in a position to provide an annual scholarship or establish an endowment or if you can make a small gift to our scholarship fund—We are so grateful for the honor you give to David in doing so. Equally important is our interest and our personal commitment to develop a relationship with current law students. David wants to know that others care about law students as much as he cared about us.

Every gift made through this initiative will be counted and the news of our collective generosity and commitment to get involved in the life of a student will be announced as a “gift” to David at the Gala Dinner on Friday, October 26, 2012. Please join the effort and help spread the word!

Sincerely, Alan B. Bornstein, JD ’81
Chair, Becker 50th Scholarship Initiative  

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