Audiovisual-Multimedia Department

To place requests for service, see the following Request Policy for service and equipment. 

Request Policy

  • A minimum of 48 hours *ADVANCE NOTICE* is required for all service and equipment.
  • The Law School Multimedia Department is closed on weekends. No event services are provided on weekends.

Contact Multimedia Department personnel:
via e-mail at AV@WULAW.WUSTL.EDU, in person, or
by phone: (314) 935-7667.

Multimedia Department Location:
Rooms 245, Anheuser-Busch Hall (2nd floor, southeast corner)

Please supply the following information when making the request:  

  • Date and time of requested service
  • Location(s) for requested service
  • Type of service and equipment requested
  • Your name and e-mail or telephone number for contact

Multimedia Staff

Director of Multimedia Technology

Darryl Barker   E-mail:
Phone: 935-6412  

Multimedia Specialist

Bill Mathews   E-mail:
Phone: 935-4803  

Multimedia Specialist

Kevin Roberts   E-mail:
Phone: 935-4016 

AV Helpline -

General Requests   E-mail all AV requests to :
Phone: 935-7667  

* The Multimedia Department reserves the right to refuse any request which does not honor the 48-hour advance notice policy.