Barry S. Schermer

2005 Distinguished Alumni

Barry SchermerBarry S. Schermer, J.D. '72,  is serving his second 14-year term as a United States bankruptcy judge for the Eastern District of Missouri. In 2003 he was reappointed to the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, which hears bankruptcy appeals within the seven states of the Eighth Circuit.

Well-known and respected nationally in the field of bankruptcy law, Schermer speaks at several national bankruptcy conferences a year. He also has served as a visiting judge one week each month for more than 10 years. He has ruled on many high-profile cases, including the reorganizations of Apex Oil and Trans World Airlines.

Schermer remains heavily involved in the School of Law. For 15 years he has co-taught a Chapter 11 seminar along with St. Louis attorney Lloyd A. Palans and Associate Dean Daniel L. Keating. For the past nine years he has
taught Fundamentals of Bankruptcy. He also has supervised dozens of School of Law students in judicial externships and hired a number of graduates as his fulltime judicial clerks.

He formerly served as a partner in the St. Louis firm of Susman, Schermer, Rimmel & Parker.  Schermer received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado.  His mother, Ruth Katcher Schermer, received her master’s degree from Washington University in 1961.  His daughter, Elissa, lives in Denver, and his son, Chris, lives in St. Louis.