Volunteering with the Law Alumni Council

Welcome to the Law Alumni Council!

We are grateful for your interest in volunteering your time and talent for the benefit of our students and their teachers. As you search through the list of volunteer opportunities you will be able to find just the right fit in terms of time commitment and interest area. Each opportunity provides a link at the end to fill out a quick online form, which is automatically emailed to the volunteer coordinator. In some cases, volunteer opportunities will require you to call the individual organizing the effort to discuss your interest. In any case, peruse at your leisure and GET INVOLVED! Our students, our community and our future is stronger because of your involvement.

Thank you and all the best to you,

Your Alumni Staff,
Monica Lewis, Elizabeth Kaul, Gina Tramelli, Lee'at Bachar and Hilary Letcher Hobbs 

The Alumni Executive Committee (AEC) evolves into the new, Alumni Council

The Alumni Executive Committee – A Tradition of Leadership

For more than 20 years, Washington University Law has benefited from the guidance and dedication of alumni who serve on the Alumni Executive Committee (AEC). The AEC encompasses 50-60 members representing graduating classes from every decade who meet twice a year to discuss and advance the goals of the School.

The AEC was established to serve both the school and its alumni by strengthening communication and collaboration. Members have addressed a broad portfolio of issues and concerns, and in recent years, the AEC has sought to forge a more active role in encouraging more alumni to engage with the school, its students, and one another.

In 2005, the AEC redefined its mission in three broad areas: advice and counsel to the Dean, service to students, including assistance with placement, recruitment, mentoring, moot court competitions, international students, and public service initiatives; and service to alumni, including local and national networking activities, young alumni, and ethics and mediation.

Today Washington University Law is one of the nation’s leading law schools, with alumni located across the nation and around the world. With exceptional foresight, the AEC has addressed this challenge by unanimously deciding to open up membership through the creation of the new, ALUMNI COUNCIL; an online volunteer platform. Enlisting the use of current communications technology will make it possible for all alumni to know the volunteer needs of the School and to sign-up online to participate in the activities that are most meaningful for them. Previously, the former AEC worked through committees and peer to peer recruitment of volunteers. With the new, online Alumni Council law graduates world-wide will be able to help in some capacity.

The former AEC membership will join forces with the new, online network of volunteers and will be known as the WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW ALUMNI COUNCIL going forward. The leadership of the AEC has established a strong foundation for the future. Their hard work and commitment ensure that increasing numbers of law alumni and students will benefit from their ongoing relationship with the Law School.