Academic Advising Services

The Academic Advising Program provides students with the advising, mentoring and support they may need as they enter law school and progress through their legal education. This program is open to all students and any student may seek the help they need at any point in their legal education on a formal or informal basis. Below is a listing of some of the programs that are offered through Academic Advising:


The Student Advising Program is offering three academic workshops this Fall. These workshops, while geared towards 1st year law students are open to the whole student body. In addition, these workshops are videotaped and are on reserve in the library or can be checked out of the library in the Director of Student Services's office in the Admissions Suite. The workshops are as follows: information will be posted when available.  

Snack Breaks:

During the Fall Semester, the Director of Student Life will meet with each sub-section in the first year class to discuss, among other things, time management and the pros and cons of study groups. 

Individual Consultation:

Students may schedule individual appointments with the Director of Student Life to discuss any issues or concerns relating to their law school experience. In addition, she has an "open door" policy and students may drop in any time during normal business hours.