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Application Process

The School of Law uses a paperless application process. Applicants should submit their application online through the link provided above or via LSAC. All accompanying documents should be submitted electronically either as an attachment to your application, a submission to LSAC, or as an email attachment.

Application Requirements

Transfer applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Completed application form. If applying via LSAC you must use the "transfer application". If the "regular application" is used your application will not be processed.
  • Law school transcript. Unofficial transcripts will be allowed for reviewing purposes however an official transcript is required, if admitted, prior to class enrollment;
  • Letter of good standing from current law school (must include class rank when available);
  • CAS report;
  • Personal statement (which should include the reasons for requesting the transfer);
  • Resume;  
  • 2 letters of recommendation are strongly suggested but not initially required. If you do not submit letters of recommendation, the admissions committee reserves the right to request one at a later date.
  • applicants may be asked to do a phone or Skype interview

You are welcome to submit an application at any time and then follow-up with additional documents as they become available.

Important Dates

Regular Action

All applications submitted after March 31 will be considered Regular Action (RA) transfer applications. The RA transfer application deadline is August 1. All files are reviewed and decisions will be distributed on a rolling basis. OCI, which is available to all committed (deposited) transfers, participation deadlines are in June and July. Therefore, it is beneficial to have all of your materials submitted and, if admitted, your deposit paid by early June.


Decisions will be sent via email.

Transfer Credit

Credits for courses completed at another approved law school are evaluated on an individual basis for possible transfer into the School of Law by the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Services. Only courses completed with a grade of C or better are transferable. No course completed at another institution in which a grade of less than C was earned will be taken into account in calculating residence credit. The School of Law makes no claim or guarantee that credit earned will transfer to another institution.

Articulation Agreements

The School of Law currently does not have specific articulation agreements with any other law schools.

Transfer Eligibility for Law School Honors and Awards

The cumulative GPA earned at the School of Law will serve as the basis of eligibility for all School of Law awards and honors.

Course/Residency Requirements for Students Transferring to Washington University School of Law

  • Course/Residency Information Handout [view]
  • Total Minimum Credit Hours which must be taken at WUSL by a Transfer Student (assuming student completed 30 units doing the typical first year curriculum at previous law school): 56
  • Students who have completed less than a full year at their previous law school (e.g., two out of three trimesters) will receive credit for the number of hours that they received at their previous school (with C or better scores), and fractional residency (based on 12 units and 13-14 weeks of classes as the minimum number of credits/class weeks for a full-time semester).
  • Transfer students beginning at WUSL receive a maximum of 30 units - for the courses they passed with grades of C or better at their previous law school.
  • For more information, view the Transfer Students page on the Registrar site at 

Transfer Admissions Contact Info

General questions: (314) 935-4525
Send application correspondence to