Tiffany B. Wong '14


Undergraduate: New York University, Cultural Anthropology and Romance Languages
Hometown: New York, NY

Law School Highlights:
Student Bar Association, 1L Representative
Fitness Club, Running Officer
Law Students for Reproductive Justice, Treasurer
Girls on the Run, Practice Partner
Phi Alpha Delta

Q: Why did you choose Washington University?
A: WashULaw has a distinct ethos and law school culture that I did not find elsewhere. Our diverse student body is drawn from across the nation and around the world. And yet, we all share an eagerness to be nourished by the variety of life in St. Louis and WashULaw’s extensive network of distinguished alumni. Our law school makes special efforts to bring its first-year and transfer students together socially with other graduate students, faculty, and alumni. In addition to orientation activities, throughout the year students can engage in ongoing student organization activities, socialize at weekly law school mixers, meet with faculty for coffee receptions, or hang out in the Graduate Student Lounge. Students here are personable, independent, and dynamic. Everyone is encouraged to collaborate and willing to go the extra mile to help each other out.

Q: What is it like living in St. Louis?
A: Living in St. Louis offers a welcome change from living in New York City.  Here, people are friendly, polite, and helpful. For example, runners in Forest Park will take an extra breath to say good morning - incredible! On another occasion when I got lost exploring, I was offered a ride to my destination by a friendly elderly couple shopping for antiques at Tower Grove Park. At the time I was still a skeptical, slightly paranoid New Yorker, so I declined; however, I truly appreciated the genuine offer for assistance - something I didn't encounter growing up in New York.

But wait, there's more! Having grown up navigating the concrete jungle of New York, I thought, "Chaotic commutes are a way of life; scrawny sidewalk trees are reserved for dogs; and people normally walk with urgency and avert eye contact." These views instantly disappeared when I came to visit St. Louis: I was immediately stunned by the welcoming vibrant atmosphere, the Midwestern pace of life, and the campus proximity to the lush sprawling acres of Forest Park.

Q: What is your impression of the law school community?
A: The women and men at WashULaw contribute to the supportive collegial atmosphere in a variety of ways. Outstanding academic credentials are just the paper-portion of each student and faculty member: they don't define the character of the people here. Instead, it is the extraordinary personal strengths and interests of students and faculty who are open to new challenges and experiences that give our law school its uniquely rigorous and collaborative environment.