12.29.10 By Kailey

So You Want to Go To Law School in St. Louis

Happy Holidays from St. Louis! (or if you’re not into holidays, Happy Wednesday!)

I’ve been traveling to visit family, so I’ve been a zombie for the past few days…but now that I’m up and at it, I am excited to post this extremely silly video I made for you all.

If you’re just tuning in – I grew up in St. Louis, so when I applied to WashU, the “moving to a new city is scary” variable was not a factor for me. But I soon discovered that my classmates came from all over the world, and I know it was a factor for them. SO, the point of this post is for me to tell you a little more about St. Louis from my point of view. I have lived here since the first grade, so I’m definitely biased toward the city. But, I have traveled to 40+ states and throughout Europe, so hopefully you can trust that I’ve had some places to compare it to. I hope this will give you some more info and insight, and maybe even make you a fan of the Lou!

I decided that a video would be the best way to accomplish this task. I’m not endorsing other similar videos here, but I did use the same video creation website. Also, the character choices were irresistible, so imagine that I am Queen Elizabeth and you are Neil Armstrong. Enjoy:

Places Referenced (in order):

Forest Park: Ice Skating, Boathouse, Art Museum, History Museum, Zoo, Science Center

University City Loop: Tivoli TheatreBars & Restaurants, The Pageant

Transportation: St. Louis Google Map, METRO System, WUSTL Transportation

Night Life: Restaurant Guide, Sauce MagazineCentral West End, South City, The GroveDowntown

And here’s a handy map (click to make it bigger so you can actually see it):

St. Louis is so cool!

Have a safe and wonderful winter break!

- Kailey

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