12.19.10 By Kailey

1L of a Good Time

Let’s reflect, shall we?

In the past 5 months, I, Kailey Burger:

  • matriculated at Washington University Law School (where, despite being from St. Louis, I only knew one other student)
  • participated in a week-long orientation with 270+ people I didn’t know from all over the world (in a building I had only been in once before)
  • attended a full semester of law school classes (please include here the reading for hours, taking notes, and occasional voluntary participation)
  • was COLD-CALLED IN CLASS (sometimes humiliating, sometimes triumphant – and despite initially being petrified, I learned to cope and am now A-OK with this)
  • completed 3 finals – each three hours long and comprised of many essay questions
  • wrote two memos (had to re-learn how to write, darn English major!)
  • co-founded an Animal Law Society
  • volunteered as a member of the Public Service Advisory Board

PHEW! I’m pretty proud of myself people. I had such a blast this semester. Coming to law school with the right set of expectations – that it was going to take diligence and work hard, but that it wasn’t going to be impossible – was very important and helpful. I’m excited about applying the skills I learned to my classes next semester (but I’m also looking forward to a few weeks of relaxation).

I also made a bunch of wonderful new friends (many of whom are kind enough to read this blog – thanks guys!) and I have learned so much more than just Torts, Contracts, and Property. Being surrounded by such interesting, diverse people is an incredible experience and a great asset to Wustl. Having friends at law school is important – there is a lot going on and there will be days when you’re tired and forget about a meeting – you’ll want someone around to remind you. This is especially true during finals time when you want to bounce ideas off of someone who sat in the same class you did for an entire semester. I will admit there was a palpable air of competition, but this is inevitable because we are graded on a curve. That being said, I never encountered anyone who actively attempted to sabotage or harm other students’ grades. The manifestations of competitiveness came when people were deciding who to study with – wanting to work with people who had put the same amount of effort into the course and who would be able to keep pace with them. I didn’t have any trouble finding a study group that I felt comfortable with, and working with them was very helpful to supplement my notes and brainstorm answers to exam questions. Overall, everyone is working toward the same goal and has reasonable expectations and respect for one another- and outside the school setting, it is possible to have fun with these people!

As was evidenced Thursday night when the Student Bar Association threw a party for the 1Ls at Pepper Lounge after our Torts final. It was so much fun to dance the night away with my classmates after finals were over! We made it! Hooray!

And some St. Louis stuff for good measure: I had a grilled cheese at Rooster on Friday that was phenomenal. A favorite St. Louis adventure of mine is lunch at Rooster, perusing Left Bank Books (nerdy, but I LOVE a good bookstore), and walking around CityGarden (super cool art park). Downtown St. Louis has a lot to offer – great breakfast/brunch/lunch and shopping during the day, sporting events, and clubs/bars/casinos/dinner spots at night. It’s about a 15 minute drive from campus (all surface streets) but it’s also very easy to get there via Metro (and lucky you! you get a free Metro pass if you’re a wustl student!).

So there’s the wrap up for this semester. Over break I plan on getting my resume together, looking into summer jobs and enjoying wintertime activities in St. Louis. I’ll keep posting once a week so check back often and make comments. I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

Happy Holidays!


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