12.10.10 By Kailey

Your Brain On Law School

GOOD NEWS PEOPLE: I took my first final and SURVIVED!

Here’s how it went down: I woke up at 6:00am. I wanted my brain to be fully functioning by the time I got ready to take my property exam. Sure, this is a little insane, but I get pretty nervous about tests so if I’m up and ready and can clear my head, it’s better for everyone involved. I got up, ran through my outline a couple more times, and double checked the exam software on my computer. Then I rolled out to St. Louis Bread Company (Panera to foreigners*), grabbed some breakfast, and was at the law school by 7:45am. Tests were distributed at 8:40am, but I wanted to become one with my testing space. I was the first one there, clearly ridiculous, but I spread all my stuff out and got comfy. My property exam was open-book, so I brought an outline, my class/reading notes, and my text book. A quick moment of silence for this beautiful outline, please:

So pleasing to the eye.

Now back to the story – An hour flew by and before I knew it, I was knee deep in regulatory takings, communal property, and adverse possession. After typing for literally 3 hours straight, it was finally over. My back was pretty sore and I felt like I wanted to sleep forever, but I also felt an exhilarating sense of accomplishment. A law school Final?! Finished?! HOORAY!

UNTIL THIS MORNING, when I realized I still have 2 more exams to take. Shoot. So, I’m going to spend the next 48 hours preparing relentlessly (and by relentlessly you know I mean after I finish this blog post, and eat half of a leftover sandwich from Snarf’s, and after watching last night’s episode of 30 Rock). But I’ll get it done. My Contracts final is on Monday and Torts will take place on Thursday. Only one week left!

Now that we’ve discussed exams, I want to talk about a very important issue that has arisen, and I think may be ubiquitous throughout law school land: LAW SCHOOL BRAIN DOMINATION.

Here are the signs and symptoms:

  1. All you can talk about is law school
  2. You explicitly state you don’t want to talk about law school, but somehow just moments later you find that you are talking about law school
  3. Your Facebook statuses/tweets are all related to law school
  4. Your entire extended family, high school friends, neighbors, and passersby know the intimate details of your law school experience

and finally, the worst:


Law school brain takeover is a serious matter. I thought I was immune. I said to myself, “SELF – let’s keep it real, let’s make law school friends, but keep our other friends close at hand, one is silver, and the other is gold, right?” I thought if I did that, and if I didn’t live in the library, and if I ate a well balanced diet – maybe, just maybe, I could be saved.


Yesterday I caught myself adding “comprehensive plan” and “adequate notice” into a brief conversation with my brother about holiday travel plans. My past 11 facebook statuses have been about finals or outlines or classes. #LawSchool has become my most frequently used hashtag. I have started reading law blogs and news articles about court cases. And most depressing of all, I’ve found myself making (or laughing at) cheesy law school jokes. (I would give you an example, but they’re way too embarrassing. Also, you really should get to enjoy them for the first time yourself when you’re a 1L.)

As soon as finals are over, I’m hoping to clean up my act. I’m sure  everyone I know is tired of hearing about law school. Sometimes it’s just way too cool or interesting to keep to myself. But other times, I just want to passive aggressively complain that someone is being loud in the library. See, I’m doing it again!

Finally, a segment about law student leisure activities this week… I had a fabulous time during my adventure to see Holiday Lights at the St. Louis Zoo. I drank hot chocolate and got to see these adorable penguins:

Personally, I identify with the sleepy, bloated one.

I also had dinner on The Hill at Cunetto’s afterwards. The Hill is a primarily Italian neighborhood in St. Louis which is home to many great restaurants. Cunetto’s is about as classic and old school as it gets. I also hit up The Royale during a study break with some friends, (where we promised not to discuss law school, and then proceeded to discuss law school) and had a really great time. Cunetto’s and The Royale are both in South City, about 15 minutes from campus.

That’s all for now. Wish me luck on my last two exams and have a splendid weekend!


*Did you know St. Louis is home to Panera? Heck yes we invented it! Build-A-Bear, Budweiser, and ice cream cones too.

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