11.26.10 By Kailey

On “Making It Happen”

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I want to make sure I answer questions you leave in the comments, so I’ll address that today with the first which came from PJ:

“My question that I would like to see addressed from you, and all other fellow bloggers is how worried are you about job prospects after graduation?”

OK, PJ — here we go. I love making lists, so just bear with me:

I will not pretend there haven’t been several articles written about a “terrible” legal job market. BUT, I will tell you about the things that make me feel very optimistic about my job prospects, and the reasons I chose to come to law school despite the hype.

Career Services – WashU is taking this seriously, and they make it easy for students to gain exposure to employers and employment resources. The career services office is constantly offering workshops on networking, resumes, professionalism, and bringing in speakers and attorneys to give advice on finding jobs. I had a wonderful experience meeting with a career services counselor who was incredibly supportive and has sent me several folllow up emails with leads for summer jobs.  These opportunities are available to all law students and are valuable resources to take advantage of. For more information about this office, please visit their website.

Professors — I am amazed by my professors. They are brilliant, are providing me with an incredible education, and they have all made an effort to get to know me. For 1L’s this is very important, as we will need references for summer jobs. For upper level students, knowing professors can lead to research or job opportunities as well. Having a faculty that wants to work with students has been the most important factor in choosing schools for me, and I am so glad that WashU understands the importance of this. They each hold office hours, are happy to talk to students after class, are very attentive to e-mail, and legal practice professors hold one-on-one student conferences to discuss writing assignments 3 times per semester. I feel comfortable approaching them and am consistently impressed by the diversity of their legal interests. Knowing these exceptional people contributes to my confidence about finding a great legal job. For more information about our faculty, click here.

Fellow Students — My classmates are such a unique bunch. Almost no two people are alike. They are from ALL OVER the country (and the world for that matter), went to a variety of different schools, had different majors, some have had other careers, some have families, some have traveled the world, some have graduate degrees. I am amazed and inspired by each of them in a different way. I’ve already made some great friends, and getting to know this group of promising individuals better over the next three years will definitely be an asset when it comes to making connections and finding a job. I have worked in St. Louis politics for several years, and have already introduced classmates to people in the city with similar interests to theirs. Connecting with these brilliant future lawyers is helping me form a network I can use as a foundation throughout my career. And to brag about them a little more, here is a profile of my class.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up – I have always wanted to be a lawyer, and as tragic as a poor economy is, I didn’t want to allow it to take away something so important to me. As with most of my classmates, when I really want something important, I try my hardest to make it happen. Receiving an education in a field that really interests and drives me is so inherently valuable; combining the caliber of the people I’m surrounded by, the incredible professors teaching me, and the connections and resources of WashU makes me feel like the odds are in my favor.

This is just one gal’s perspective. Law school is a big decision, so it’s important to know that it’s what you really want before you jump in. I spent a lot of time reading school’s websites, blogs, visiting, and working with my undergraduate Pre-Law Club to learn more about the process. The WashU Admissions Office has great resources and a delightful staff who are always happy to help. You can visit their website or their blog for more information.

And just a few notes:

I want to give a shout-out to the Public Service Advisory Board who organized this year’s canned food drive. Thanks to enthusiastic Professors, 1L sections brought in over 3000 cans! This is a perfect illustration of our competitiveness put to a good use. My section (B) and the other section we take classes with (E) should be announced as the winners, and Professor Goldwasser was kind enough to chip in and sponsor half of this pizza party so we can all celebrate together.

In other news: 1Ls turned in our memos and now it’s just OUTLINING for exams during the first and second weeks of December. I can’t believe the first semester is almost over. It flew by.

Please keep sending questions or suggestions and have a fabulous weekend!

Over and out,


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  • Aarthi

    Hehe I love your lists too! And yes, I (as a fellow 1L) second Kailey’s estimation- WashU Law is FULL of people who want to help. I’ve found that if you are looking for a particular thing, there’s probably not one but three or four people who are able and willing to help you find it.

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