11.09.10 By Kailey

A Brief Introduction

Case: Kailey Burger v. Law School*

Jurisdiction: St. Louis, Missouri

Procedure: High School at Francis Howell Central (St. Charles, MO), followed by Undergraduate studies at Truman State University (Kirksville, MO), and currently attending Washington University School of Law (St. Louis, MO).

Facts: Kailey has loved school since she was a small child. She is now a 1L at Washington University Law and is faced with the everyday challenges presented by attending a Top 20 Law School.

Issues: First, what is it like to be a student at WashU Law?  Second, will she succeed?

Hahaha.. Maybe the cheesiest possible way to introduce myself.. but I couldn’t resist. Hi! My name is Kailey, and for now I’m flying solo as WUSTL’s Law School Blogger. I’m a 1L and I’m thrilled to be sharing my day-to-day law school experiences with you.

A little about me: as you can see above, I’m from Missouri. I love St. Louis, grilled cheese sandwiches, politics, napping, reading, and traveling. Animal welfare and urban public education are very important issues for me, and I hope to use my law degree to advocate for these causes. At Washington University, I am a member of the Public Service Advisory Board and am working on starting up an Animal Law organization. I am loving law school so far and hope you’ll tune in to see what’s going on in my world.

I’ll be posting at least once a week, so please come back and visit soon!

- Kailey

*in case you aren’t familiar: this is a play on a “case brief” which is what you’ll write to make sure you understand all the relevant info from cases you read for class. all my professors gave instructions on how to do this, so don’t fret.

2 comments to A Brief Introduction

  • PJ

    Hi Kailey,

    My question that I would like to see addressed from you, and all other fellow bloggers is how worried are you about job prospects after graduation? It seems to me there is a serious over supply of law school balance, and a relatively scarce amount of available legal work that pay well enough to make massive student loan debt manageable. I would be especially interested in the perspective from 2L and 3L students. Thanks!

  • Good luck – you can always use your law degree no matter what.

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