11.10.11 By Kaitlyn

A Southern Girl Giving The Midwest A Whirl

Hey Y’all!

My name is Kaitlyn Pennington-Hill and I’m a 1L from the GREAT state of Texas, Houston to be exact. I went to the University of Houston (Go Coogs!) for undergrad and came straight through to law school. I like working out, watching romantic comedies while eating strawberry ice cream, going out to dance clubs with friends, shopping, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and reality TV, and hanging out with my family. Now that you know a bit about little ol’ me, let me tell you about my experiences as a 1L thus far.

Well, where should I begin? I feel like so much has happened in such a short amount of time. Let’s take it back to grade school and do this timeline style.

Early August: 14hr drive from Houston to St. Louis. Move in, hang with the roomie, and relax for the next couple of weeks before orientation.

Late August: A week of orientation and meeting fellow 1Ls. Honestly, the current students at WUSTL couldn’t be more welcoming. I’ve only been in law school for four months and I already feel like I’ve made lifelong friends. There is a Facebook group designated for my class where everyone posts information about different events/parties/outings and invites literally everyone to come out. Classes also began in late August, I think. Ha! My professors are AMAZING, seriously. They go above and beyond to make sure everyone understands the information. For example, if someone asks a question and the professor doesn’t have the answer right then, they will do research that day and give you the information the next class! Also, for me at least, getting called on is not so bad. I don’t know if that’s saying much coming from me though because I was a broadcast journalism major in undergrad. *shrugs shoulders*

September: Homesickness kicked in BIG TIME. I am not exaggerating when I say I was on the phone with my parents crying after class everyday. My mom is a flight attendant so I was booking flights and flying standby back home EVERY WEEKEND. My family and I are extremely close and moving to St. Louis is my first real experience away from home. The first couple of weeks of school were brutal for me, but when my birthday (Sept. 20) came around things started to change. I had a birthday party and pretty much had so much fun with my new friends from the law school. This made me realize that I had to appreciate St. Louis for what it had to offer rather than dwell on what I left behind in Houston. I also decided to get involved at the law school to take my mind off things. I joined the Family Law Society, the Women’s Law Caucus, and became a 1L representative for the Black Law Students Association.

October: Intramural Flag Football and Halloween Partaaaaaay…this is pretty much all I remember about October. Thursday nights were the highlight of October for me because that’s when the flag football team I was on, Pro Bono Players, played games. Since our team name was Pro Bono Players, it was only appropriate that our team slogan was “handing out [insert explicit here] whoopins for free.” Creative right? Be that as it may, our season didn’t end as pleasantly as it began. Undefeated all the way to the championship and then….we lost. Not to worry though because the Halloween party was the next day! The day after the Halloween party I had to remind myself I was in law school, not undergrad. That should give you an idea of how EPIC the Wash U Law Halloween party is. AH-MAY-ZING. I also participated in the 1L Client Counseling Competition the day after the party and even made it to finals! (shout out to my amazing partner in the competition…you know who you are!)

November: This month is all about grinding it out. Finals are right around the corner and its starting to get real in the streets of WUSTL. Early mornings, long days, and late nights have become all too familiar. I am sooooo ready for Thanksgiving break, even though I’m sure it won’t be much of a break. So much to do, so little time..aaaghhh!

Well that’s all for now folks. See y’all after finals…wish me luck! :)

- Kaitlyn

(Feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.)

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