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A Tour of the Law School


When I first started at WashU, despite living in St. Louis for nearly all my life, I had no idea where anything was on campus let alone in the law school. I am a person who gets more nervous about finding my classroom the night before school starts than about doing well or making friends. This may sound very silly to some, but for those of you who can relate – I thought I would sort of break it down for you. How does that sound?

Thanks Google Maps.

Let’s start with the obvious: Anheuser Busch Hall – this is the major law school building where nearly all of your classes and activities will take place.

First Floor:

  • Clinics – the offices for all the clinics are located just inside the main entrance of the law school. Professors who work in the clinic also keep offices here. It’s a good idea to know this location, but you won’t probably spend much time here until you’re  a 2L or a 3L.
  • Library – a portion of the first floor of A-B Hall is library space. You can’t access it from the first floor entrance but once you’re in the library on any other floor you can make your way down. You might need to go here during your first year Legal Research course to complete a scavenger-hunt-esque assignment, but it’s also a pretty quiet place to study.
  • Facilities / Events – the facilities and events offices are also located near the entrance on the first floor. If you’re part of a student organization you will want to make friends with these staff members because they (a) control who has access to what and (b) make sure all events run smoothly.

Second Floor:

  • Library / Printers / Computer Lab / Computer Services - the 2nd floor portion of the library is probably the most poppin’ of all the floors. This is where the main computer lab and printing stations are located, as well as the Lexis and Westlaw printing stations. This is a popular place to study between classes – so it isn’t as quiet as the other floors. There are a few study rooms where you can meet with friends, as well as tons of desks, tables, and walk-up computers. This is also where Computer Services is located (inside the library) so if you’re having trouble – head on over there.
  • Classrooms: there are two big classrooms on the second floor as well as several smaller rooms where you might have meetings. I prefer 204 for taking finals – just as an aside.
  • Lockers / Mailboxes / Bulletin Boards – student lockers, mailboxes, and bulletin boards are also located on the 2nd floor. Make sure to check your mailbox & bulletin boards frequently for upcoming events, competitions, and group meetings. In addition to the law-daily emails, this is the best way to keep up with what’s going on around the law school.
  • Business Office – the business office is helpful if you’re turning in receipts to get reimbursed for student organization expenses or if you get a stipend for public service work during your 1L summer. They are very helpful but tucked away – when you come up the main stairwell from the front entrance they are located to your left (the lockers are to your right).

Third Floor:

  • Crowder Courtyard – Crowder is where lots of students have lunch, hang out between classes, and where numerous things such as happy hour and networking events take place. It’s really beautiful – with a gigantic glass ceiling and brick walls, but it also provides a central meeting spot that makes it almost impossible to avoid socializing at some point during your day.
  • Student Commons / Vending Machines – the commons are located behind the courtyard and feature tvs, seating, and study rooms if you’re looking for a more low-key place to hang out or snack between classes. Just off the commons are the student refrigerators and vending machines. Oh just a tip – you can use campus cards in the vending machines so you don’t need to worry about cash. It’s pretty excellent.
  • Law School Cafe – this is located between the courtyard and the commons and provides hot lunches, deli sandwiches, fresh sushi that’s delivered every morning, baked goods, salads, fruit, coffee, and other snacks. They’re open most of the day and the food is actually good just beware of the super-addictive chocolate chip scones.
  • Career Services – also located on the 3rd floor near the commons. I’ve written about Career Services before so you know they’re very helpful. Now you know where to find them!
  • Admissions / The Registrar - if you’re coming to visit WashU, the 3rd floor is where it’s at.
  • Classrooms – several classrooms are also located on the 3rd floor. I had contracts and property on the 3rd floor last year. It was delightful.
  • Brian Cave Moot Courtroom – lots of presentations happen in our gigantic courtroom so make a note of where this is located.
  • Campus-level entrance – there are 2 campus-level entrances on the 3rd floor. If you go out the back doors you will actually be on campus – near the quad and Siegle hall. The front entrances bring you into the first floor and are located on the same level as the parking garages. This is kind of strange and confusing at first, but look at the map above and it might help.

Fourth Floor:

  • Library / Reading Room – if you want to get serious studying done – this is where it’s at. The librarians are also located on the 4th floor if you have research questions. But the gem truly is the amazingly gorgeous reading room. First thing in the morning it is beyond beautiful.
  • Professors’ Offices – some professors’ offices are strewn about the 4th floor library.
  • Classrooms – there are also a few classrooms up there.
  • Dean’s Office – Dean Syverud’s office is also located on the 4th floor. He usually holds office hours once a week if you want to stop in and chit chat.

Fifth Floor:

  • More Library – lots of quiet study space located on the 5th floor. lots of books too.
  • More Professors Offices – the majority of the profs offices are located on the 5th floor so if you’re heading to office hours this is likely where you’ll be. I usually get lost up there but if you just walk in a circle long enough you will find your way!

A building across the sidewalk from the 3rd floor (campus-side) law school entrances is Siegle Hall which also holds some important Law School locales. You may have a few classes or group meetings in this building, but it is also home to the Student Activities Room, and the offices of Law Review and the Law Journals.

I hope this helps make sense of it all and makes you look a little less awkward than me. Happy Monday!

- Kailey

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