04.18.11 By Kailey

Getting Outside the Law School

Good Morning! Sorry for the gap in posts, catching up after spring break was a nightmare, then I MOVED (which no one should ever do, find a place you like and stay there… moving is the worst, sorry.. anyway..), planned a huge Trivia Night Fundraiser, AND had my final brief due! Phew! Now it’s outlining time and I’m trying to get my act together. I wanted to tell you about a couple of fun law-school-related ways to get outside the law school building: because fresh air and human interaction can be nice.

Law School Intramurals!

Despite being a terrible softball player, I chose to join an intramural softball team because a lot of 1Ls in my section were pumped about it. After much brainstorming, consideration, and debate… we finally chose the name “Eminent Domination” and ordered some sweet, sweet jerseys (pictured below). Our games take place on Thursday nights, and boy oh boy was I pumped to take the field for our first game several weeks ago. AND boy oh boy was it SOMETHING! Not only was it FREEZING cold outside (sorry people, Missouri’s weather can be very┬átemperamental), but we also (thanks to WashU’s incredible ability to find interesting students) had the good fortune of playing a team with A FORMER METS PLAYER. Yes, I was fielding FOR A FORMER METS PLAYER. Sounds fair to me. Thankfully (I think), there is something called a “Mercy Rule” which takes effect when you are losing by more than 20 runs. So just shy of 2 innings in, the game was over. Even though this seems like a pretty terrible experience, we had a ton of fun playing and it was nice to get out of the law school and do something completely silly with my classmates. We have won our last two games and even made it into the playoffs! (I’ll let you know how we do!) And last week, our Legal Practice Professor came to cheer us on. I would highly recommend you participate in an IM sport. Totally ridiculous.

Interest-Specific Conferences and Competitions!

If you decide you’re interested in a specific issue or type of law, make sure to join the group associated with it on campus (or create a group if there isn’t one). There are a bunch of interesting conferences and competitions for all different types of law, and many times you can get funding from a grant or organization to cover your travel and participation expenses. This past weekend I went to Chicago (thanks ALDF for the grant), to participate in the First Annual National Animal Law Moot Court Competition, sponsored by UChicago Law’s SALDF Chapter. This was a ton of fun and a great way to practice my oral advocacy skills before Moot Court tryouts in the fall. It didn’t take up too much time and thanks to the grant we received, didn’t cost me any money. I met some great people interested in Animal Welfare Law and had fun. These are great opportunities to network and enhance skills outside the confines of the law school building, so make sure to keep your ear out!

These are just a couple of ways to enhance your law school experience outside the classroom. I hope you’ll take advantage of all the great student organizations WashU has to offer. As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!

- Kailey

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