03.17.11 By Justin

No Rest for the Weary…

This week is Spring Break for us WUSTLers, and it has provided some much needed relief for my classmates and I. But this week has highlighted one of the major differences between law school and college: breaks aren’t really breaks once you get to law school. Even though we get to escape classes and the daily readings for a week, most people use break as a chance to outline for classes, get ahead in readings, or get caught up (which I imagine is the case for most people).

I suppose I am not too pitiable, as I did spend 4 days in Orange Beach at the start of my break. But now that the fun half of break is over, it is time to get back to work. Our Legal Research Methodologies final is the Friday after break, and most of us will be scrambling next week to memorize the inner-workings¬† of LexisNexis and WestLaw and recall how to look up a bill’s legislative history online. Our last Legal Practice assignment (the open brief) is due in a few weeks, and it requires a great deal of time doing research, analysis, and writing. And once our Legal Practice brief is turned in, we will be just four short weeks away from the start of finals! (*Gulp*)

It really is hard to believe how fast this year has gone. It seems like just last week that I was stressing over my choice of law school and trying on my cap and gown for graduation. And it seems like just yesterday that we were having our 1L class picture taken during Orientation last August (and I was sweating bullets in my suit in the hot St. Louis sun). This past year has been a blast, but now that we are coming out of the final turn and entering the home stretch, I am very ready to cross the 1L finish line!

In other news, I was offered a summer job this week at a government agency here in St. Louis. The internship will give me a lot of exposure to litigation and research, and I am very excited to begin my first legal job. I’m also glad to have something lined up in St. Louis, and I’m really looking forward to enjoying the city this summer. Go Cardinals!

I hope everyone’s spring is going well and the weather is as nice wherever you are as it is here in St. Louis! Time to get to outlining… I can hear my Civ Pro E&E calling my name.

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