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On Summer Jobs


Hope this post finds you relaxing after a fun-filled weekend.

A Quick Note:¬†As you’ve probably noticed, Justin has gotten into the full swing of blogging, so now there are two (and maybe others soon) points of view on “Life As We Know It.” You can tell who is writing each post by the little name above the title ^^ (see?). We both want to help you learn more about WashU, so please feel free to comment on our posts with any questions you have and one of us will answer right away!

This week I wanted to talk about something stressful, important, but also really cool: Jobs. Last Monday marked the start of OCI’s (On Campus Interviews) for 1L’s. The process begins on WashU’s online job site where students can apply for jobs posted by various employers from all over the country. Several of these employers have agreed to come to campus and interview, so those people who applied and were chosen had their interviews at the law school this week. The Career Services Office does a nice job of coordinating employment opportunities, and each student has an advisor they can meet with for more information. Despite this support, the competitive nature of the job market and the fact that this process is so new to everyone has caused some stress.

WashU provides numerous job opportunities online, as well as ways to meet and network with attorneys. However, it is a good idea to begin to build your own network and seek out opportunities that interest you. During the summer as a 1L, there are a variety of paths you can take. The consensus seems to be that gaining strong research skills and improving your writing abilities are the most important things to accomplish during the summer. While law school teaches you a great deal, it doesn’t always focus on the practical, day-to-day aspects of lawyering, and a summer internship or job can be a great way to gain this experience. Non-profit organizations, law firms, government agencies, judges, a company’s legal department, or really any other legal job you can think of are possible employers and most of these are represented within the OCI pool.

Many of my classmates have said that the job search process feels like a whole extra class. Between resumes, cover letters, writing samples, researching, interviewing, and waiting… it can be overwhelming. Developing a plan and managing your time can help alleviate the stress, but this is definitely a process that is impacting us all. The jury is still out on where I will spend my summer, but I will keep you posted of course!

Aside from the job stress, I had a few delightful experiences this week. My section-mate Julie hosted a mixer at her house for the A’s and B’s since we haven’t gotten to know each other very well. It was an absolute blast. I also had an amazing dinner at Farmhaus, a small restaurant in South City whose chef is nominated for a James Beard Award. They use primarily local ingredients and the menu changes daily. Beyond delicious!

I’m currently working on a big writing assignment for my Legal Practice class. I have a meeting with my professor to look over it tomorrow morning. The topic is public high school students’ 1st amendment rights as they pertain to school dress codes and political speech. We are working with landmark cases and some hilarious depositions that my professor penned, so it has actually been an enjoyable assignment that I need to get back to working on…

So, off to write I go. Hope you have a fantastic week!

- Kailey

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  • George Washington

    Where do the law students typically live? If they are scattered then which place is the “stronghold” so to speak where most live. Do any live with the medical students and other grad students, or are the campuses geographically split? Also, is there somewhere someone should avoid living?

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