02.07.11 By Kailey

What. A. Weekend.

Howdy! I am writing a couple of days late because I wanted to give you the full details of what went down this weekend. The life of a 1L can get pretty hectic…

Client Counseling Competition: On Friday night I got together with one of my fav gal pals at Pi (a mega-delicious Pizza place 5 mins from campus) to go over our plan of action for the Client Counseling Competition. This competition, as well as the Negotiation Competition (which happens in the fall of your 1L year) are both opportunities for first-year students to practice lawyering skills and get feedback from local attorneys who volunteer to judge. The Client Competition works like this: You and a partner receive a very brief description of a client and their problem, you ¬†have a day to prepare, and then you have a mock-meeting with the client at school in front of the judges. This client is a 2L or 3L who is volunteering, and you will interview them for 30 minutes and try to figure out exactly what their issue is and how to best solve it as their attorney. Both this and the Negotiation Competition are great opportunities to meet people and practice skills you don’t often use in the classroom during your first year. After practicing Friday night, my partner and I suited up and met our client on Saturday afternoon. Despite the fact that we didn’t win (read: bitter), it was a really cool and valuable experience. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of these competition opportunities if you come to WashU!

Barrister’s Ball: Directly after competing in the Client Counseling Competition, I ran home to get some housework done before getting dolled up for the Barrister’s Ball (also known as: Law School Prom). This glorious event is open to all law students and was held at “Windows Off Washington” a super cool venue on the 10th floor of the City Museum. Tickets were $50 and included dinner, an open bar, and dancing from 8pm-12am. It was really fun to see everyone all dressed up and to dance the night away.

Here is a prom-tastic photo for your enjoyment:


Dim Sum: After balling all night, I was pretty exhausted, but when Sunday rolled around, I knew there was no escaping my CivPro and Crim Law reading assignments. There is one sure fire way to cure all ailments in my opinion, and this cure comes in the form of Massive Dim Sum Intake + 3 Hour Nap. A couple of law students and I went to LuLu’s (just 10 minutes from campus), where on Saturdays and Sundays they have a delightfully chaotic Dim Sum brunch until 3pm.¬†After this delicious and refreshing combo, I was ready to tackle some precedent cases!

This is Rob (a 1L from Chicago who enjoys Mario Kart and long walks on the beach), dining on Sunday:

Ignore his free promotional t-shirt.

So between Client Counseling, Law School Prom, Dim Sum, napping, and reading for my classes this week…I am fully back in the swing of the hectic law school lifestyle. Ahead this week: the debut of WashU’s first Animal Law Society (which I co-founded), a field trip to the Federal Courthouse, and whatever other ridiculous surprises come my way.

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading!


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