01.29.11 By Kailey

Caught in a Law School Romance

Greetings and salutations, reader!

I’ve decided, with a bit of hesitation, to write a post about this blogger’s most requested topic: Law School Romance. With Law School Prom and Valentine’s Day coming up, I guess it’s somewhat appropriate, so I’ll oblige despite being intimidated.

In general, it seems that people have pretty strong feelings about dating in law school. Before I started at WashU, I was told by many friends at other schools that I should absolutely refrain from dating my classmates. This is because, as you may have heard, law school is a lot like high school (we have prom, we have lockers, and there are only 275 1Ls so we all know each other). Essentially, the warning goes a little something like… “not only will everyone know you’re dating, but if it ends, you will have to see that person all the time afterwards.” I think to a certain extent, this is good advice. Law School is stressful enough without having to add heartache or trauma into the mix…

But did I heed this advice? Of course not. I promptly began dating a fellow 1L and things are going swimmingly. I hope there isn’t a blog curse of some kind that I’m unaware of. Yikes…

Moving away from my love life, I will say that lots of other people started dating each other too. How do I know? Because law school is like high school and we’re all in the same building all day long, we go to the same bars on the weekends, and we are often too tired to discuss anything but law school or people at law school. Just keep this in mind if you’re single and ready to mingle. Other things to keep in mind if you plan to look for love at law school:

  1. Don’t get entangled too early. It takes at least a month for you to figure out who these people are and what they’re up to.
  2. Keep it classy. Nobody likes to feel gossiped about and as I previously stated, with only 273 other people in the 1L class, word will travel.
  3. Win the future. Remember that your law school classmates will be your professional colleagues in the future, so maintaining friendships and respect for one another is important.

But for those of you who are currently in relationships, don’t despair! I would estimate that a solid 60% of law students are taken. A few are fully-grown adults who are married with kids, others are younger adults who are more recently married, and the rest of us are either dating each other or have significant others back home. A lot of people are doing the long-distance thing. This can be great if you have a really supportive mate, but it can be hard too. I’ve seen it affect my fellow classmates and my heart hurts for them. Law school is a huge¬†commitment¬†- it costs a lot of money and a lot of time. Before you invest, make sure your partner knows that you’ll be busy, because when finals roll around and you’re camping in the library and can’t remember how to spell your own name… you certainly don’t want passive aggressive text messages piling up in your inbox on top of it. Not that any of your significant others would do that.

Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll find it easy to make friends and enjoy the intellectual suffering that is law school. I hope this post satisfies everyone’s desire to hear my opinion on this subject. I also hope you have a fabulous weekend!

- Kailey

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