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From College to Law School

Greetings Friends!

I was having a bit of writer’s block today…mostly because I have been spending the last week compulsively cleaning my apartment, watching Law & Order SVU, and sleeping for 12-14 hours a day. If I blogged about what I was doing, the post would stop right here.

So in an effort to write something more worthwhile, I sought the advice of my friends on Facebook…



Wynn M: How to be a baller. In other words, write about the transition from undergrad to grad.

Clearly extremely helpful. These are both law students by the way, with great senses of humor…and though they may be joking, I’m going to craft these comments into a blog post for you! (think of it like a cooking show where they give the contestant radishes and peanut butter and tell them to make a birthday cake).

First, let us highlight some of the differences between Undergrad and Law School:

  • Handholding: I can’t speak for every undergraduate institution, but from my experience I can say that the transition from high school to college was pretty easy. I had a guidance counselor, I felt like I recevied e-mails every 15 minutes directing me to my next move, and there seemed to be lots of staff dedicated to making sure I didn’t make any mistakes. At law school, you are given enough information and guidance to get done what you need to get done, but they definitely are not going to hold your hand. No one taught me how to swipe my ID card, or how to hook up my laptop to the printing network, or where my locker was. The middle man isn’t there. This doesn’t mean it’s difficult, it means we’re grown ups and we have to do things we are completely capable of doing. It might be a little startling at first, but you’ll soon realize that there are vending machines on the 3rd floor, and that the best library printers are on the second floor, and that…. well, you’ll figure it out! (and if you don’t, you can ask me or computer services or the registrar or any of the other numerous wonderfully supportive people at wustl). Just make sure you read your e-mails, set your alarm clock, check your syllabus regularly for changes, and make some good friends who will remind you in case you forget!
  • You won’t always be the best: If you are considering a top law school, chances are you’re one of the best at your college. You may be THE best. You may have been THE BEST your entire life. Now, you’re going to head off to law school where everyone else is used to being THE BEST too! Hooray! This is something you don’t think about until you get here and I will admit it’s difficult to get used to. It really sinks in when you raise your hand thinking you have the perfect answer, the professor calls on someone else, and then you realize, “hey, that answer was way better than mine.” Sure, there has to be a top score in law school, and someone will be the best, but it is no longer guaranteed that someone will be you. Confidence is necessary to succeed, but knowing that you might have to work a little harder helps too.
  • How To Dress: I was never a big sweatpants person, so law school isn’t a big change for me… but for those of you who have been rolling into class in jammies for the past 4 years, this might be a rough transition. There isn’t an enforced dress code, and if you happened to be running a marathon after class and needed to wear workout clothes no one would say anything to you… BUT the law school building itself is gorgeous and full of interesting, influential people. Do you want to cross paths with your future employer whilst wearing sweats? Probably not. Guys usually wear jeans and t-shirts/polos/button ups.. I’m typically sporting a cardigan of some kind. You can still be comfy and casual.. but keep it’s best to keep it classy & covered up. Common sense goes a long way here.
  • Finally, Happiness! I feel like law school is really the place for me. In college you’re surrounded by very interesting and diverse people with all kinds of majors. This is a great experience, but meeting people at law school with similar aspirations, skills, and interests is truly wonderful. I feel like I fit in and I feel like I made the right choice. Law school is tough, miserable at times, but it is also really gratifying. Appreciate and enjoy this opportunity!

And Secondly, let’s discuss Cultural Events in St. Louis:

I’ve talked a lot about where to eat and drink, but now let’s focus on a few of the interesting cultural things there are to do.

  • PechaKucha - it’s the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat” but has now become known as a super cool artsy event held all over the world. Designed to spark conversation, PK nights gather people together to watch 20 works of art for 20 seconds each. St. Louis has had 5 successful PK nights so far with another coming in late January. You can follow the STL organization on Twitter.
  • The Pageant - the Pageant is a small concert venue in the U-City Loop (just a short walk from campus). They have a cool standing area as well as balcony seating with a full bar so you can enjoy the show however you like. I saw Iron & Wine there in November and it was magical. The Pageant brings in artists from all different genres… Upcoming shows include: Lauryn Hill, Girl Talk, Ben Folds, Story of the Year, and Ke$ha.
  • The Fox – the Fabulous Fox Theatre is a beautiful, beautiful venue. It is much bigger and more elegant than the Pageant and has featured performances from Broadway Shows (Wicked & Spamalot) to music artists like Drake and comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, just to name a few.
  • Powell Symphony Hall- this is another beautiful venue in STL where you can see the St. Louis Symphony perform (among other musical acts). They have amazing concerts and some of my favorites include “movie nights” where you can go watch the Wizard of Oz, Psycho, or the Lord of the Rings on a big screen while the symphony performs the score, live!

There are often student discounts available and student groups will sometimes organize outings and receive discounted prices as well. Be sure to sign up for sites like LivingSocial and Groupon when you get here to make sure you take advantage of good deals!

Sorry for the hodge podge of topics covered in this post. Next week I go back to school for intersession so there will be new and exciting things to tell you about! Until then, have a wonderful weekend!


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