11.15.11 By Kailey

The Thing About St. Louis

Hey Friends!

First, I’d like to say welcome to the new bloggers! I’m super pumped to have an infusion of new life (and a break from my absurdity) on this blog. I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

Second, now that I’m almost to the halfway point in law school – I’d like to shed some light on the elephant in the room… AKA the fact that WashU is located in St. Louis. While I have truly enjoyed …Continue reading The Thing About St. Louis

11.10.11 By Kaitlyn

A Southern Girl Giving The Midwest A Whirl

Hey Y’all!

My name is Kaitlyn Pennington-Hill and I’m a 1L from the GREAT state of Texas, Houston to be exact. I went to the University of Houston (Go Coogs!) for undergrad and came straight through to law school. I like working out, watching romantic comedies while eating strawberry ice cream, going out to dance clubs with friends, shopping, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and reality TV, and hanging out with my family. Now that you know …Continue reading A Southern Girl Giving The Midwest A Whirl

09.26.11 By Kailey

A Tour of the Law School


When I first started at WashU, despite living in St. Louis for nearly all my life, I had no idea where anything was on campus let alone in the law school. I am a person who gets more nervous about finding my classroom the night before school starts than about doing well or making friends. This may sound very silly to some, but for those of you who can relate – I thought I would sort …Continue reading A Tour of the Law School

08.29.11 By Kailey

Who wants to blog?

Calling all 1Ls! If you’re interested in blogging about your experience this year, please shoot me an email telling me as much – kailey {at} wustl.edu by Friday September 2nd. I’ll respond to your e-mail pronto and we’ll go from there. It’s a lot of fun, so I encourage you to hit me up!

… more …Continue reading Who wants to blog?

07.11.11 By Kailey

One-L of a Long Year (Lessons Learned in 1L)


My apologies for the hiatus… the semester crashed to an end and I am finally feeling like things have settled down. I want to cover the important end of 1L topics – finals / grades, writing on to a publication, summer work, and selecting classes – but I don’t want to cram all this info into one post. So, stay tuned over the next few weeks for posts about these topics (and more!)  But for now, …Continue reading One-L of a Long Year (Lessons Learned in 1L)

04.18.11 By Kailey

Getting Outside the Law School

Good Morning! Sorry for the gap in posts, catching up after spring break was a nightmare, then I MOVED (which no one should ever do, find a place you like and stay there… moving is the worst, sorry.. anyway..), planned a huge Trivia Night Fundraiser, AND had my final brief due! Phew! Now it’s outlining time and I’m trying to get my act together. I wanted to tell you about a couple of fun law-school-related ways …Continue reading Getting Outside the Law School

03.22.11 By Kailey

Where Should You Live?

Greetings Friends!

Oh Yes! It's the "Full House" House.

I am refreshed after a delightful spring break trip to Napa and San Francisco (see photo which seamlessly ties this paragraph together) and am now ready to write you a lengthy blog post about where to live when you come to WashU (of course you’re going to come to WashU after we showed everyone who is boss on the US News & World Report Rankings). It is sometimes difficult to navigate a …Continue reading Where Should You Live?

03.17.11 By Justin

No Rest for the Weary…

This week is Spring Break for us WUSTLers, and it has provided some much needed relief for my classmates and I. But this week has highlighted one of the major differences between law school and college: breaks aren’t really breaks once you get to law school. Even though we get to escape classes and the daily readings for a week, most people use break as a chance to outline for classes, get ahead in readings, or …Continue reading No Rest for the Weary…

03.05.11 By Kailey

Clinics, Oral Advocacy, and Mardi Gras

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delayed post… I took the week off from writing because I was so busy!

This week there was an amazing informational meeting about the Clinical offerings at WashU. I was aware of the general idea of clinics but didn’t have a great deal of knowledge about what they entail and what WashU has to offer. I was extremely impressed by the professors’ passion for their clinics and the enthusiasm of the students …Continue reading Clinics, Oral Advocacy, and Mardi Gras

02.20.11 By Kailey

On Summer Jobs


Hope this post finds you relaxing after a fun-filled weekend.

A Quick Note: As you’ve probably noticed, Justin has gotten into the full swing of blogging, so now there are two (and maybe others soon) points of view on “Life As We Know It.” You can tell who is writing each post by the little name above the title ^^ (see?). We both want to help you learn more about WashU, so please feel free to comment on …Continue reading On Summer Jobs