09.03.13 By Admissions

New Cycle

And just like it all starts over.

We were under the impression that apps would start coming in from the LSAC today, but this morning when I got into the office at 8am, lo and behold, we had applications from yesterday, a holiday no less.

I will say it loud and proud, WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE FALL OF 2014!

So… 2013-2014 application cycle… bring it on! Last year was a particularly difficult cycle, LSAT and applications were down across the board, you all have read the articles. But, if our first day of accepting applications is any indication (we got 8 applications on the first day this year and 3 last year) then I think things are looking up.

Want to apply to Washington University School of Law? You can do so online through the LSAC or here: https://law.wustl.edu/apply.asp

-Anna Donovan


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