08.28.13 By Admissions


I sit here amongst a pile of papers trying to play match maker. No, I’m not finding law students girlfriends and boyfriends, I’m pairing 2L and 3L mentors with 1L mentees. Every year Admissions and Student Services invite second and third year law students to mentor new first year law students. The program is optional, maybe it should be mandatory? Everyone fills out a form including their age, undergraduate school, major, legal interest area and hobbies and I do the matching (some mentors get two mentees, lucky them!). I have almost 150 forms scattered around my desk and I’m knocking them out pair by pair. I am very excited about the mixer next week, for all the mentors and mentees to meet one another and talk about classes, professors and study tactics. The students seem to be excited too. I think that is the best part of the program, since all of our 1Ls take the same classes, the upper level students have been in their exact shoes and boy are they eager to share all of their Wash U Law knowledge…

-Anna Donovan

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