08.27.13 By Admissions

The Plan

I spent a lot of time over the summer thinking about the blog and I decided that I would try and do a different kind of themed post for the different days of the week. These are just a few ideas:

Exploring St. Louis (I’m a native) as if I was a tourist- things every law student should experience during their 3 years here at Wash U Law.

-Great things to explore along the Metro lines
All of our full time students here at Washington University can sign up for a free Metro pass that is good for the light rail and the bus. I would like to feature interesting things/restaurants/experiences along the 2 light rail lines that are free to get to. Not all of our students have cars.

-Admissions on the road
Talking about the various recruiting events we, the Admissions Office staff attend and what to do/what not to do for prospective students attending these events. One of our first few events are coming up next week, I will be recruiting in Kansas!

-Letter to my first year self
I have a goal to get some 2Ls and 3Ls to help me out on the blog and write letters to their first year law school selves, what advice would they give looking back, knowing what they know now.

-Spotlight on Admissions/CSO/Registrar Staff
Featuring an important staff member at the law school, where his/her Office is located and why all students should know them.

Stay tuned for these upcoming posts.

-Anna Donovan

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