08.26.13 By Admissions

Start at the Beginning

My desk is a mess. Just take my word for it. I was going to take a picture and post it, but no one should see it in this state. Why is it so messy? It was clean all summer long and then as Orientation and application deadlines and the beginning of next cycle neared, things started to pile up. We are in full on wrap-up mode here at Washington University School of Law. Today is the first day of classes. But with everything we wrap up from this cycle, Orientation (dunzo) there are three more tasks piled on to gear up for the next cycle. It just never ends and the time is here…again! We begin accepting applications September 3rd, just 8 days from now. Everyone is already thinking about recruiting traveling and updating the website, our Status Check page, reserving rooms for Admitted Students Days, working the flow chart of application processing, the list goes on.

So I am (re)starting the blog at the beginning, the beginning of the school year and the next application cycle. (Why not add another task to my very long list.) My goal this year is to blog once a day during the week days. Hold me to that! If you have topic suggestions send ‘em my way, adonovan@wulaw.wustl.edu. I hope to make this blog a very candid source of information coming straight from the Admissions Office staff to the applicants and prospective students of Washington University School of Law.

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-Anna Donovan
Admissions/Communications Assistant


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