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Admissions on the Road- Kansas Edition

My first recruiting event of the season, The University of Kansas. Technically there have been a few events before this but since I didn’t attend them, this is day 1 for me.

The first event is always a little rusty, did I bring my banner, my name tag, business cards? Check, check and check. Still it feels weird and exhilarating to be back here again. I swear I think I will forget what to say, what questions I always get asked and how to answer them without saying “um” a million times. But, it all comes back to me in an instant and before I know it I’m mentioning clinics and spouting off CSO statistics without even thinking.

The KU event is a really good starter for my travel season. I saw about 20 students today, most of whom are applying to law school this year. I was steadily busy, not too slow, not too crazy. Just enough breaks in time for me to check email and grab some coffee. Hopefully all of these wonderful prospective students will apply to Wash U Law.

A few tips from me (the Admissions Counselor and recruiting rep) to you (the prospective law school applicant):

-If you don’t want to take brochures, don’t feel like you have to
-Ask whether the brochures on the table or the website is more up to date, and go with that. Timelines, procedures and stats change from year to year.
-Take time to meet the representatives from the schools you are interested in and jot down his/her name (or take a business card). I really enjoy receiving emails after events from people I met, I always put a note in the application file.
-Don’t be afraid to ask about fee waivers or scholarships, we have heard everything!

Interesting in attending a recruiting event? Here is a list all the events we will be attending this year:

9/5/2013 MINK 3-6:30pm Overland Park, KS Overland Park Convention Center
9/6/2013 Kansas State University Law Fair 10:30am-1:30pm Manhattan, KS K-State Student Union, 2nd Floor
9/24/2013 University of Michigan Law Day 3:00pm- 6:00 pm Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Union
9/28/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 11am-4pm Miami, FL Hyatt Regency Miami
10/1/2013 Cornell University Law Day 11am-2pm Ithaca, NY Barton Hall
10/4/2013 Mid-Atlantic Pre-Law Conference 9am-3pm Washington, DC Howard University
10/12/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 11am-4pm Houston, TX JW Marriott Houston
10/15/2013 University of Texas- Dallas Law Caravan TBD Dallas, TX TBD
10/16/2013 Texas A&M Law Caravan TBD College Station, TX TBD
10/17/2013 University of Texas- Austin Law Caravan TBD Austin, TX TBD
10/18/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 12pm-5pm New York, NY Hilton New York
10/19/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 11am-4pm New York, NY Hilton New York
10/21/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 11am-4pm Boston, MA InterContinental Boston
10/21/2013 Indiana University- Bloomington Law Caravan 11am-3pm Bloomington, IN Alumni Hall, Indiana Memorial Union
10/22/2013 University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign Law Caravan TBD Champaign, IL TBD
10/23/2013 St. Louis University Law Caravan TBD St. Louis, MO TBD
10/24/2013 University of Wisconsin, Madison Law Caravan TBD Madison, WI TBD
10/26/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 11am-4pm Los Angeles, CA Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles
11/2/2013 LSAC Law School Forum 11am-4pm Atlanta, GA Loews Atlanta Hotel
11/5/2013 NC State University Law School Fair 6pm-8pm Raleigh, NC NC State University Club
11/6/2013 UNC- Chapel Hill Law School Exploration Day 1pm-4pm Chapel Hill, NC Great Hall, Student Union

-Anna Donovan

09.03.13 By Admissions

New Cycle

And just like it all starts over.

We were under the impression that apps would start coming in from the LSAC today, but this morning when I got into the office at 8am, lo and behold, we had applications from yesterday, a holiday no less.

I will say it loud and proud, WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE FALL OF 2014!

So… 2013-2014 application cycle… bring it on! Last year was a particularly difficult cycle, LSAT and applications were down across the board, you all have read the articles. But, if our first day of accepting applications is any indication (we got 8 applications on the first day this year and 3 last year) then I think things are looking up.

Want to apply to Washington University School of Law? You can do so online through the LSAC or here: https://law.wustl.edu/apply.asp

-Anna Donovan


08.28.13 By Admissions


I sit here amongst a pile of papers trying to play match maker. No, I’m not finding law students girlfriends and boyfriends, I’m pairing 2L and 3L mentors with 1L mentees. Every year Admissions and Student Services invite second and third year law students to mentor new first year law students. The program is optional, maybe it should be mandatory? Everyone fills out a form including their age, undergraduate school, major, legal interest area and hobbies and I do the matching (some mentors get two mentees, lucky them!). I have almost 150 forms scattered around my desk and I’m knocking them out pair by pair. I am very excited about the mixer next week, for all the mentors and mentees to meet one another and talk about classes, professors and study tactics. The students seem to be excited too. I think that is the best part of the program, since all of our 1Ls take the same classes, the upper level students have been in their exact shoes and boy are they eager to share all of their Wash U Law knowledge…

-Anna Donovan

08.27.13 By Admissions

The Plan

I spent a lot of time over the summer thinking about the blog and I decided that I would try and do a different kind of themed post for the different days of the week. These are just a few ideas:

Exploring St. Louis (I’m a native) as if I was a tourist- things every law student should experience during their 3 years here at Wash U Law.

-Great things to explore along the Metro lines
All of our full time students here at Washington University can sign up for a free Metro pass that is good for the light rail and the bus. I would like to feature interesting things/restaurants/experiences along the 2 light rail lines that are free to get to. Not all of our students have cars.

-Admissions on the road
Talking about the various recruiting events we, the Admissions Office staff attend and what to do/what not to do for prospective students attending these events. One of our first few events are coming up next week, I will be recruiting in Kansas!

-Letter to my first year self
I have a goal to get some 2Ls and 3Ls to help me out on the blog and write letters to their first year law school selves, what advice would they give looking back, knowing what they know now.

-Spotlight on Admissions/CSO/Registrar Staff
Featuring an important staff member at the law school, where his/her Office is located and why all students should know them.

Stay tuned for these upcoming posts.

-Anna Donovan

08.26.13 By Admissions

Start at the Beginning

My desk is a mess. Just take my word for it. I was going to take a picture and post it, but no one should see it in this state. Why is it so messy? It was clean all summer long and then as Orientation and application deadlines and the beginning of next cycle neared, things started to pile up. We are in full on wrap-up mode here at Washington University School of Law. Today is the first day of classes. But with everything we wrap up from this cycle, Orientation (dunzo) there are three more tasks piled on to gear up for the next cycle. It just never ends and the time is here…again! We begin accepting applications September 3rd, just 8 days from now. Everyone is already thinking about recruiting traveling and updating the website, our Status Check page, reserving rooms for Admitted Students Days, working the flow chart of application processing, the list goes on.

So I am (re)starting the blog at the beginning, the beginning of the school year and the next application cycle. (Why not add another task to my very long list.) My goal this year is to blog once a day during the week days. Hold me to that! If you have topic suggestions send ‘em my way, adonovan@wulaw.wustl.edu. I hope to make this blog a very candid source of information coming straight from the Admissions Office staff to the applicants and prospective students of Washington University School of Law.

Want a short and sweet version of what is going on in the Admissions Office daily? Follow us on Twitter: @WULawAdmissions

-Anna Donovan
Admissions/Communications Assistant