Interdisciplinary Learning

Washington University School of Law is one part of a world-class University. Our curriculum builds on this strength, with courses about law taught or co-taught by faculty from other divisions of the University, including economics, engineering, anthropology, history, political science, and social work. For example, each year Professor of Law John Drobak teams up with Professor of Economics Douglass C. North, a Nobel Prize winner, to teach Theory of Property Rights. Other courses emphasizing interdisciplinary learning include Bioethics and Law; Domestic Violence Law; American Legal History and Judicial Decisionmaking Seminar.

Our curriculum also includes the Interdisciplinary Environmental Law Clinic, in which teams of law students and students from engineering or environmental studies programs work together on environmental cases in the community. In the Civil Justice Clinic, students with expertise in social work use such knowledge to assist victims of domestic violence and those with other family law problems in seeking legal relief.

In addition, joint degree programs  allow students to combine the study of law and another discipline.

Washington University School of Law's Center for Interdisciplinary Studies complements our curriculum, bringing outstanding scholars here to address timely issues that cut across disciplinary boundaries.