Fulfilling Your Pro Bono Pledge

Engaging in individual public service can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences during law school. Whether you volunteer to assist refugees and asylum seekers as they navigate the immigration system or coach high school students on a mock trial team, we promise that you will enjoy taking some time away from school to help others in need. Students who elect to participate in the Pro Bono Pledge are encouraged to fulfill 50 hours of pro bono work before graduation.

PSAB is excited to help individuals find service projects that are tailored to their interests. We have long-standing institutional connections with many organizations throughout the larger St. Louis community and beyond. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for advice finding an individual service opportunity or for help fulfilling your Pro Bono Pledge.

Students are also encouraged to find opportunities for public service and pro bono work through student organizations. Student groups volunteer, sponsor public interest speakers, and raise money for the Public Interest Summer Stipend. Several student organizations coordinate their own ongoing public service projects. For example, the Environmental Law Society provides invaluable research for the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. The Women’s Law Caucus administers a debating program with the Juvenile Detention Center of the City of St. Louis. In addition, the International Law Society, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, educates high school students about humanitarian law through the International Humanitarian Law Teaching Project.

The Missouri Bar has additional information to help find and facilitate public service and pro bono opportunities at http://www.mobarprobono.org/home.aspx.