Pro Bono Pledge Information

Pro Bono Pledge Information

Thank you for your interest in the Pro Bono Pledge! At its most basic, the pledge represents the lifelong commitment to public service that lawyers in our society are duty-bound to pursue. As highly trained members of the legal profession, law students and lawyers are uniquely equipped with the skills needed to address some of society’s most pressing problems. Our unique position as advocates compels us to do our part to contribute to our communities.

The goals of the Pro Bono Pledge are:

  1. To foster and encourage in law school students an understanding of professional responsibility that includes a commitment to public service during and after law school.
  2. To benefit the community and enhance the relationship between the law school and the community by providing services that those with legal training are privileged to have.
  3. To strengthen law students’ legal and professional skills by providing valuable, hands-on experience and opportunities to establish ties with community leaders and organizations.

With the skills and experiences garnered from pro bono opportunities, law students will be better equipped for the professional world beyond law school, more attractive in the employment market, trained with practical legal skills, developed a sense of professional responsibility that will follow them throughout their legal lives, and most importantly, will have donated a portion of their time and energy to a community that needed it.

Please enter all of your hours into Symplicity through the Pro Bono tab. Below is a video breaking down each step to log hours for the Pro Bono pledge:



Additionally, follow any of the links below for more information on the Pledge:

The Pro Bono Pledge is administered by the Center for Career Development Please contact with any questions.