WashULaw 1L Orientation 2017

We all look forward to meeting you in the next few weeks. When you arrive on campus, you will find WashULaw to be a remarkable place where faculty and staff are committed to supporting you throughout your law school career. Orientation is Monday, August 21, through Friday, August 25. The Orientation events will include academic, informational and social programs designed to introduce you to law school and the skills you’ll need as you enter the legal profession. The Orientation website contains the schedule and additional resources. Be sure to check it frequently for new and updated information. Please note that Orientation events are mandatory unless indicated otherwise. Please contact me if you need anything at all. I can’t wait to meet you.

Elizabeth Walsh | Associate Dean for Student Life
ewalsh@wustl.edu | (314) 935-5861

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Welcome Class of 2020 to WashULaw!

Welcome Class of 2020 to WashULaw!  We are excited to have you join our extraordinary community.  Orientation marks the beginning of your legal education and serves as an introduction to your classmates, faculty and the legal profession.  It is designed to provide you with the foundation for an excellent law school experience.

WashULaw - 1L Orientation Schedule 2016

1L Orientation Schedule – August 21-25

Be sure to check the schedule frequently for new and updated information. Please note that Orientation events are mandatory unless indicated otherwise. Contact Student Services if you need anything at all.  [Download Schedule in PDF]

WashULaw - 1L Orientation Schedule 2016

University Services

Please review the information provided by many of the Washington University services and resources you will utilize as a student. This page is password-protected.

WashULaw - 1L Orientation Schedule 2016

SBA Picnic – August 21, 2017 – 6:00pm

The picnic will be held at Pavillion 5 in Forest Park.  Click here to see map

WashULaw - 1L Orientation Schedule 2016

Schedule your 1:1 Career Strategy Meeting

Schedule a 15 minute individual check-in with the Center for Career Development (CCD). Learn what to expect during your first year. The CCD wants to be sure they understand your career goals and priorities. If you met with the CCD over the summer, they still want to check in with you to find out if anything has changed. You can focus on classes knowing that they are developing a plan for you!

WashULaw - 1L Orientation Schedule 2016

Orientation 2017 Videos

Click on the link below to view the complete list of videos as they become available during orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

WashULaw provides services to help support students
during their academic and professional endeavors. Listed
to the right are links to help answer questions concerning
those services.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.
Elizabeth Walsh | Associate Dean for Student Life
ewalsh@wustl.edu | (314) 935-5861

NOTICE: No Laptops on Tuesday

Students do not need to bring their laptops on Tuesday, but may want to bring a pad of paper to take notes.

Orientation Dress Code

MON   |  8.21.17: Business Casual
TUES  |  8.22.17: Business Attire
WED   |  8.23.17: Business Casual or Casual
THUR |  8.24.17: Business Casual or Casual
FRI     |  8.25.17: Clothes appropriate for working outside

Useful Information for New Students

University Services
You are settling into a new apartment, in a new city, and starting a new school. That’s a lot and there’s still more for you to do. Where do you get your ID? Will you receive an insurance card?

Law Library Services
Learn about Library policies, technology, and other important resources available exclusively through the Law Library. Information about Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg and other important research resources are included herein.

Wireless Network Instructions

Wireless-Network-Instructions-2017 (PDF link)
Faculty, staff, and students on the Danforth Campus have been recommended to associate to the wustl-2.0 wireless network.  For troubleshooting information, please contact your local IT Helpdesk, 314.935.8200.

Where To Go In An Emergency

Where to Go is Washington University in St. Louis’ emergency awareness program. The purpose of the program is to educate the campus community on how to respond quickly to all types of emergencies and natural disasters. 

Course Websites on Blackboard

You will find your course websites on BlackBoard, run by the University. In the event you are having a problem accessing BlackBoard, email Carrie Burns for help, cjburns@wustl.edu.

Course Information and Directory

Questions not answered by this website, please contact the Registrar’s Office by phone at 314-935-4610, e-mail Registrar@wulaw.wustl.edu, or by visiting the office on the second floor of Anheuser-Busch Hall (No. 210).

Optional Reading List

Often students will ask what they should read to prepare for law school.  The following is a list of books suggested by law school faculty and administrators.

Student Commons Online

This site is a service of the Student Bar Association and has numerous links to student information.

Student Resources

The School of Law provides many different services to support students in their academic and professional endeavors. Coordinating these services is the responsibility of the Associate Dean for Student Life, which serves as a liaison for students on academic, personal and administrative issues. The Office provides advising, referrals, ADA accommodations, handles student disciplinary matters, and facilitates communications between students and the faculty and administration. It also works with student organizations and assists with Orientation. The student services offices are located on the 2nd floor, near the elevators on the west side of the building.

Questions? Contact

Elizabeth Walsh | Associate Dean of Student Life | (314) 935-5861 or email ewalsh@wustl.edu
Carrie Burns | Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Student Life  | (314) 935-4605 or email cjburns@wustl.edu