First-Year Law Student Spins the Wheel on Price is Right

“Brent Phillips, Come on down!” Phillips, a first-year law student, answered the call of “The Price is Right” and walked away with fabulous prizes on an episode of the CBS game show that aired recently.

Phillips said he had to reserve a ticket well in advance of the taping in Los Angeles. After arriving at the studio, he said, “They interviewed all attendees in a speed-dating sort of interview with the only question being, ‘Tell me about yourself.’ I didn’t know that I was selected until they called my name.”

Phillips won a MacBook Air and $500 for guessing the exact price, which earned him a trip onstage with host Drew Carey and a chance to win a cruise to Alaska.

Though he left without the cruise, “I was able to meet Drew Carey, who’s a very cool guy, and spin the wheel, which was a childhood dream,” Phillips said.