Volume 5, Number 1 (2006)

Washington University Global Studies Law Review


The Evolving Domestic and International Law Against Foreign Corruption: Some New and Old Dilemmas Facing the International Lawyer 
by Juscelino F. Colares
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 1 (2006)

Does Ukraine Need a Comprehensive Statute to "Control" Private Data Controllers? 
by Olena Dmytrenko and Cara D. Cutler
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 31 (2006)

Judicial Reform: Conflicting Aims and Imperfect Models
by John O. Haley 
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 81 (2006)

Reforming the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court: A Comparative Approach
by Maria Angela Jardim de Santa Cruz Oliveira
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 99 (2006)


Money Laundering and Legal Globalization: Where does the United States Stand on this Issue?
by Ellen S. Podgor
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 151 (2006)


Not Just a Few Bad Apples: The Prosecution of Collective Violence
by Damien S. Donnelly-Cole
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 159 (2006)

South Africa's Criminalization of "Hurtful" Comments: When the Protection of Human Dignity and Equality Transforms into the Destruction of Freedom of Expression
by Ryan F. Haigh
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 187(2006)

Intercountry Adotpions: Are the Biological Parents' Rights Protected?
by Cynthia Ellen Szejner
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 211(2006) 

Bombs Over Baghdad: Addressing Criminal Liability of a U.S. President Acts of War
by Matthew D. Campbell
5 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 235 (2006)

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