Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions is one of the most prestigious of trial advocacy competitions in the United States. Each year the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) selects the top sixteen trial advocacy programs in the country and invites them to an invitation only tournament. Schools are selected on the basis of their performance over the preceding three years in two "open" student trial competitions, the National Trial Competition (NTC) and the American Association of Justice (AAJ) Competition. The most successful law school in each judicial district, plus a few at-large schools with outstanding records, are invited to compete.

Each invited school may field a team of no more than four students currently enrolled in the law school's J.D. program. Two students are advocates and two students are witnesses for their side in each round. Advocates and witnesses may change their roles from round to round, but not during any single trial.

Washington University in St. Louis has been invited to the Tournament of Champions for 2007 on the basis of its consistently high level of performance at the NTC and AAJ competitions.

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