St. Louis Business Women's Suffrage League
by Miss Florence B. Weigle

Missouri Historical Review, volume XIV, nos. 3-4, p. 384 

On April 16, 1912, about sixty business women, interested in the suffrage question, met at a luncheon at Vandervoort's to discuss the organization of a business women's suffrage club which should have for its object the securing of suffrage for the women in Missouri.  Mrs. D. W. Knefler presided at this meeting and Miss Sophia M. Rombauer acted as secretary.  A committee was appointed to prepare a constitution and by-laws.  a second meeting was called for a week later, at which the proposed constitution and by-laws were adopted.  At the third meeting, held on May 7, 1912, the following officers were elected for the first year: president, Miss Mary Maguire; vice president, Miss Jessie Moller; secretary, Miss Rena Huber; treasurer, Miss Mary McDearmon.  An executive board was selected a couple of weeks later, as follows:  Misses Razovsky, Tierney, Cranmer and Phillips, and Dr. Stephens.

With its organization completed, the Business Women's Equal Suffrage League was launched on its career of usefulness.  Much is due to the earnest endeavors of the women who worked so faithfully during the early years of the League, Margaret Burke, Jessie Moller, Dr. Stevens, Alberta Allen, Ala Gibson Robb, Cecelia Razovsky, Genevieve Tierney, Mathilda and Bertha Meinhardt.

The League since its organization has carried out a two-fold program: one of its regular meetings is a dinner, at which some interesting speaker discusses a live topic of general interest; the other of its bi-weekly meetings is devoted to the study of politics and this meeting is open to the public generally.

The name has recently been changed to "Business and Professional League of Women Voters."