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Electronic Editor's Note:
Several modifications have been made to this article. Originally published in Jan/Feb 1993, it contained dates and times of operation for all of the sites listed. Many of these times will have changed in the past two years, therefore they have been removed so as not to mislead.

Some sites have relocated or otherwise changed since publication. New information has been added to the entry in brackets.

Black Historic Sites to Visit

by the staff of Preservation Issues
Hundreds of significant historic sites associated with Missouri's African American heritage have been identified by the Historic Preservation Program. The following list of sites that are open to the public was excerpted from the Hippocrene U.S.A. Guide to Black America by Marcella Thum.




Jefferson City

Kansas City

St. Charles

St. Louis

Photos by Nick Decker. The Scott Joplin House State Historic Site in St. Louis, home of the legendary "King of Ragtime," is open to the public. The two-story brick building is an early example of a St. Louis four-family flat...


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