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I'm not duplicating entire issues--only those portions that deal with the lives of Missourians of African descent.

Print Editor's Note...from the September/October 1997 issue:
The Historic Preservation Program regrets that, due to publishing constraints, the May/June and July/August 1997 Preservation Issues will not be published this year: Also, beginning in January 1998,Preservation Issues will change from a bimonthly to a quarterly publication. We will strive to enhance the publication in the quarterly format.
Karen Grace

Photo by Eleanora E. Tate
1997 photo of the Lincoln School, Canton, Missouri, sent by Eleanora Tate, a former pupil. See article Reflections on Attending Lincoln School.
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For More Information on Missouri's African American Heritage...
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[The photograph of the Lincoln School, Canton, Missouri, by Ms. Eleanora Tate. Ms. Tate is author of the children's book, Front Porch Stories at the One-Room School, Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1992.] 

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