About the photo:   

The man on the left was Q.T. Mitchell of Alton, Ill. (born Alamo, Tenn.), first cousin to my late maternal grandmother,  Zachary Reams Taylor of Saint Louis, Mo. (also born Alamo, Tenn.)  

*The man on the right is either John-Albert, son of Grandma Zack's sister Frances Reams [married name unknown to me], or Charlie Bonds, second husband of Grandma Zack's sister Laura Reams Woods Bonds of Alton, (born in Alamo and pictured below.)  It's likely the photo was taken during the late 20s or early 1930s, about the same time as the photo of Great-aunt Laura.

*New info: According to the Alton cousins and forwarded via Laura Reams Sane, Doris Taylor Bowie and Jacqueline Taylor Lederer, the man on the right is "Ty-Eye".  I'm not sure of the spelling or relationship (or whose suit he was wearing. 6.13.02)

Meanwhile, I'm off to raid Aunt Clee's photo albums...

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