Women's Role in Missouri History, 1821-1971

from the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, 1971-72
James Kirkpatrick, Secretary of State


Grateful thanks to the following persons who aided greatly in this research:  Roy King, head reference librarian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Miss Dena Lange, St. Louis teacher, historian, writer; Miss Virginia Rosenmeyer, Miss Elizabeth Tindall, Mrs. Marie Roberts, and Mrs. Martha Scharff of the St. Louis Public Library; Mrs. Ruth K. Field, Missouri State Historical Society, St. Louis; Richard S. Brownlee, Mrs. Dorothy Caldwell, and James W. Goodrich, State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia; Miss M. Patricia Cronin, Lindenwood College [now Lindenwood University], St. Charles; Mother Griesedieck, Sacred Heart Academy, St. Charles and Felix Snider, Kent Library, Southeast Missouri State College, Cape Girardeau.

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