The 1972-1973 edition of the Official Manual lauded the contributions of Missouri women in a number of pursuits--education, the arts, business and government.

Since publication of that edition, women have continued to make significant strides in all avenues. The results of the 1992 election in particular called for special attention to the area of political life. Heralded "The Year of the Woman," 1992 brought into sharper focus, like no time before, the achievements and viewpoints of women in public service. Special thanks are in order to Candace O'Connor, author of "Missouri Women in Politics, 1972-1993", for her fine effort to update the political contributions of Missouri women. Working under a stringent deadline, Ms. O'Connor produced a celebratory chronicle of achievement, and we thank her for a job well done.

Helping to shape the work of Ms. O'Connor and provide insight was a committee appointed by Secretary of State Judith K. Moriarty. The committee members, who represented the spectrum of women's organizations and experiences, proved to be invaluable resources and are to be commended for their efforts as well.

Serving on the committee were: Gracia Backer, New Bloomfield; Kathy Dains, Schell City; Mary L. Grant, Jefferson City; Jerena (Jerry) East Giffen, Jefferson City; Nancy Lankford, Columbia; Carolyn Leuthold, Columbia; Sue McDaniel, Jefferson City; Rose M. Nolar, Columbia; Dee Ann Riley, Jefferson City; Betty Cook Rottmann, Columbia and Jennifer Wagner, Jefferson City. Assisting the committee were State Archivist Kenneth H. Winn and Laura Robinson, research assistant.

Text from sidebar in Official Manual of the State of Missouri, 1993-1994, Steven N. Ahrens, editor. Jefferson City: Office of the Secretary of State, 1994.

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