The Slave Consultant's Narrative

The life of an Urban Myth?

In late 1993, I added a (now infamous) article to the Library's gopher because I found it interesting. Over the past year, I have been contacted many times about its origin and authenticity. I can prove neither, but it remains on the gopher and now on the Web because it has struck a nerve in many African Americans, sparked debate between us, has been used in a major national event, and seems to be sparking a new word phrase.

It has been the subject on at least three African American listserv discussion groups. And I believe I may have spotted the first usage of a new term: the Willie Lynch Syndrome. (A bid to add to something new to the Oxford English Dictionary).

The Narrative is presented here with correspondence about its authenticity between myself and the late Dr. William Piersen *, who was Professor of History at Fisk University; and Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Professor of Law, Thomas M. Cooley Law School; and with relevant portions of the text from The Reverend Louis Farrakhan's speech at the Million Man March, October 16, 1995.

At the bottom is a link to an email post sent to Samuel Winslow of Rutgers and Lee Bailey of Bailey Broadcasting about the research materials I have used to try and trace our Willie. The idea to set this up as a Web page came from Ms. Katherine Wilkins of the Amistad Research Center at Tulane. (Thanks.)

[* Mike Adams of the Baltimore Sun informs me that Dr. Piersen passed away in late December of 1996.]

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