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Johnny Rio in a Mardí Gras mood. (Photo by Rebecca Rio ©, "Johnny Rio"
Soulard Mardí Gras, 1995, Saint Louis)
Ahhh, what do you do when you've created an extensive webspace at one institution and then move to another? What's portable and what ain't?  I can take Johnny along, certainly.  I can still point to all sorts of sites, including those at the University of Missouri, but how much of the African Missouri,  History of Missouri's Women [now known as Mules, Bears and Broads: Missouri's Women] and other webstuff can UofM claim, and how much may I transfer to Washington University?

Well, as far as I can tell, it goes like this:

UofM has a vested interest in the original pages I created while a non-regular faculty member between 1990 and 1998. In August 2001, there were over 14,000 hits at the UofM site. However, the majority of the core materiel, such as the slave narratives, Preservation Issues articles and Official Manual of the State of Missouri articles, were not UofM generated; are public domain (cannot be copyrighted); and may be duplicated elsewhere.

The original arrangement was intentionally spare--the stuff speaks for itself.  I'm currently adding other little-known and hard-to-find material from, generally, reputable sources.  I'm quite pleased that most of the pages and links are still valuable after several years.  My old UofM pages are still accessible:; follow "Anne's Links". 

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