Bylaws of the Student Bar Association

Washington University School of Law






A.  Purpose  The purpose of this bylaw is to standardize criteria for the approval and maintenance of student groups seeking approval of the Student Bar Association (“SBA”).  All constructions of this bylaw shall be made in light of this purpose.


B. Administration   The President of the SBA shall be responsible for ensuring that all procedures and notifications required are properly followed.  The President may delegate authority as is necessary to ensure this goal.


II.            PROCEDURE


A.  Qualifications  A student organization that seeks SBA approval must have 10 registered members, twenty student signatures supporting the group’s formation, a constitution, and a proposed budget.


B.  Procedure  One week before the organization seeks approval, a representative of the organization shall submit to the SBA: at least 10 signatures of members, at least 20 signatures of students who support the group’s formation; a constitution that includes, but is not limited to: officer structure and membership qualifications, and a proposed budget for the academic year.  A representative of the proposed organization shall make a presentation to the SBA and answer questions regarding the organization.  After the presentation, representatives of the proposed group shall be excused, and the SBA will debate and then vote on the proposed organization.  SBA members, when voting, may only consider if the group has met the requirements mentioned in Section II (A) of this bylaw. Any group meeting these requirements shall be approved.


III.                  APPROVAL


                A.  Benefits  A student organization must have SBA approval to be eligible for SBA funds.  Status does not guarantee funding, which is at the discretion of the SBA Budget Committee. Any SBA-approved organization is entitled to receive a mailbox, an internet link on the SBA’s website, bulletin board space, a listing in Washington University materials sent out to prospective students, and a table at the Activity Fair during Orientation.  In addition, such an organization may receive office space at the discretion of the SBA. The treasurer shall be responsible for administering these benefits.


IV.                  Sustaining Student Bar Association Status


                 A.  Requirements  To maintain status, each organization must submit budget information to the treasurer for consideration. In addition, all full body meetings and all functions of the organization must be open to the student body.



                B.  Loss of Status  Any organization that fails to submit a budget for three consecutive semesters will be considered defunct, and will lose their status in addition to the associated benefits. The SBA shall take reasonable measures after the second failed budget period to inform the student body or the residual members of the failing organization of this possibility regarding the loss of status.