Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Washington University Law Magazine Cover

Washington University Law Magazine

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[view] Dean's Letter

Remembering The MUDD HALL Years
[view] The Best of Times, The Leakiest of Times
[view] Muddzilla Video Captures Mudd Hall's Demolition
[view] Remembering Mudd Hall in Photos
[view] Innovative Use of Concrete
[view] Inside Mudd Hall: Faculty Recollections
Alumni Insights
[view] A Novel View of Mudd and Here's Mudd in Your Eyes and Nose!
Alumni Spotlights
[view] The True Value of Mudd Hall Beyond Entertainment
[view] Improving Society One Client at a Time
[view] National Trial Team Champion Inspires Current Team Members
[view] The Romantic Setting of .... Mudd Hall?

[view] Finding What Works - Andy Puzder, JD '78
[view] Cooking For A Cause - Deborah Bielicke Eades, JD '90
[view] High-Stakes Lawyering - Steven Selsberg, JD '86
[view] New York City Externships
[view] Expanding Exchange Program
[view] Faculty Profile - Professor Brian Z. Tamanaha

[view] In Review - Professor Deborah Dinner
[view] In Review - Professor Daniel L. Keating
[view] On Campus - Celebrating 50 years - Professor David Becker
[view] Small Firm Spotlight
[view] Dean's Medal - Melvin F. Brown, AB '57, JD '61
[view] Class Notes
[view] In Memorian
[view] End Paper - Professor Neil M. Richards